Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1
January – february 2021
Present Status and Impact of Marine Pollution in Chittagong Coastal Area
Eva Shill
Online view
Marine Biota Adaptations and the Deep Sea Environment
Nazmunnaher Nipa
Online view
Rain Water Harvesting: An Opportunity for Bangladesh
Captain Arif Mahmud
Online view
Soil Pollution for Industrial Waste
Maksudul Hasan Mahfuz
Online view
Bangladesh is under the Threat of Global Warming
Md. Arafat Rahman
Online view
Depletion of Natural Resources and Solution for the Problem
Mohtasim Ahmed Prem
Online view
Sustainable Cities: Sustainable Urban Transformation is Essential for Rapid Urbanization
Tanver Hossain
Online view
Impacts of Climate Change and Our Responsibility to Overcome
Touhida afroz Tani
Online view
E-waste: New Threat for Civilization
Alok Acharja
Online view
An Effective Way to Manage the Medical Waste
Happy Khatun
Online View

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