Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 2
November – December 2020
Conserving Forests Must be Our First Priority
Md. Arafat Rahman
Online view
Climate Change: Biodiversity is on the Verge of Destruction
Farzana Akter
Online view
Smart Management of Plastic Garbage
Captain Arif Mahmud
Online view
The World Will Survive If The Environment Survives
Md. Rased Hasan Sojib
Online view
A Way to Wash The Water Clean
Stephen Yafa
Online view
Implications of Engineering in Society
Puja Karmakar
Online view
Politics and Political Economy of Climate Change and COVID-19
Parvez Babul
Online view
Ensuring Sustainable Development for Defending The Environment
Zannatul Mouwa Naz
Online view
Sustainable Food System for Sustainable Environment
Deapika paul
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