Volume 1 Issue 1

Electronic version of the print edition

Volume 1 Issue 1

Contents of the online version

Concrete Blocks instead of Conventional Bricks to Control Air Pollution

Captain Arif Mahmud

E-waste Management to Protect The Environment

Mahmud Kamal Anamul Haque

Welcome to Plasticville: Population 7.8 Billion

Susan Freinkel

Flood Control and Watershed Management Systems in Bangladesh

Happy Khatun

Turn the Corner of World Environment into Covid-19 Pandemic

Joy Chandra Das

Ozone Depletion: Earth’s Ozone Layer is Healing

Sourav Bhowmick

Time for The Nature

Shahrin Tabassum

Natural Beauty of Madhutila Hill Tracks at Sherpur, Bangladesh

Nadira Islam

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