Volume 2 Issue 6

Volume 2 Issue 6

September-October 2021

Green Technology for Green Earth: Perspective of Bangladesh                            
—Nadira Islam                                                                                   
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Implementation of Integrated Pest Management                       
—Md. Arafat Rahman  
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Crucial Need to Protect Native Flora and Fauna for Healthy Environment     
—Zannatul Mouwa  Naz                                                                      
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Plastic waste; the growing risk for human  
— Alok Acharja
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Plastic waste management: Very important for sustainable development    
—Mahmud Kamal Anamul Haque                                              
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Sinkhole: A New Threat to Life, Property & Overall Environment                      
—Shahrin Tabassum                                                                    
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Beat Plastic Pollution and Save the Environment                                         
—Mohoshina Akter                                                                          
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