Volume 2 Issue 5

Volume 2 Issue 5

July – August 2021

Wildfire: A Threat to Survival
Najifa Alam Torsa
 Online View
Human right to water and sanitation by SDG-6
Zannatul Mouwa
 Online View
Climate change, global warming and unsecured human civilization
Alok Acharja
  Online View
Eco-friendly Urbanization: Essential for Sustainable Development
Mahmud Kamal  Anamul Haque
  Online View
Green Banking for Sustainable Development    
Farzana Akter
  Online View
Green Energy: Is it really green?
Layla Mostari
  Online View
Degradation of Biodiversity and it’s Impact
Md. Arafat Rahman
  Online View
Biotechnology in Agriculture
Masud Rana Adel
  Online View
Present Forest Management in Bangladesh
Hamida Jannat
  Online View
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