Our Growing risk by noise pollution

Alok Acharja

Our beloved Dhaka with other big cities is now roughly facing various types of problems recently. Dhaka is on world’s one of the most terrible queue of Traffic, citizen’s stand still on roads by hours, pure water crisis, dust problem, waste management, air pollution, and noise pollution are mostly suffers people. Authority has planned to save Dhaka for many times. Finally, no plans were fully implemented. So, problems are growing fast in this city. Dhaka is now full of many problems but no solution. With these problems sound pollution is seriously affecting on city life. Day by day this problem is increasing. Behind this problem, consciousness of the driver is mostly reasonable because they never pay heed the boring situation of mass people and continue to horn the vehicles. When the sound level is high more than hearing, pollution happened. Noise pollution is not like other pollution but its effect is not less than other pollution. Noise pollution makes life of the residents inexplicable. Noise pollution is one the most harmful of all pollution. But the consciousness about this pollution among people is very low. People are not aware about the bad effect of sound pollution. Especially, in the villages people are hardly conscious about this problem. They often hear DJ sounds with a high volume in many occasions and makes problem with others. Noise pollution affects on people every time which causes same harm as air or water pollution.

The highest noise pollution level is in Dhaka. All kinds of vehicles are polluting by vehicles sound every time. They do not care any rules or people’s disturbance.  Although the tolerable level of sound is 50 decibels, the sound level is exceeds 95 decibels for using hydraulic horn of the vehicles. Experts say, if this continues half of the people of the city will suffer with many diseases causes by noise pollution. As a result of noise pollution, people may suffer with hearing problem, high blood pressure and also insomnia like diseases. Dhaka is more than their normal level. Due to lack of awareness and lack of knowledge about noise pollution, the problem is getting worse condition day by day. For these reasons, now noise pollution is seen a serious problem. One part of our busiest life is on the street From the time of office going, we stands outsides. We use our hands to save ourselves from the horn of the vehicles when we are on street. Drivers horns their vehicles in reason and out of reason. They are unconscious about the bad effect of sound pollution.

The highest rate of noise pollution in the capital city of Dhaka with the other cities is a growing risk for the citizen. County is turning to urbanization very fast. In our country, nobody thinks that someone in near may be sick before listening loud music. This is the common scene all over in our country. Although there is a school or college,drivers never cares that. They continue their horn. Although, hydraulic horn in the country was banned. But this law hardly cares in our country. If the law is implemented properly and the drivers are encouraged to obey the law the problem may be solved. Nowadays, in the villages and towns there is a loud noise in the big sound box. This is a common scene. It causes ones irritation but who cares that. The music is going on with a high volume. This is a fashion and passion also. Even it is going at midnight. There is no one else to see if there is problem of others. Many people have been seen in the street to go with a headphone in their ear. While one speaks on mobile phone. This kind of activities causes sound pollution.

But when there was no mechanism, noise pollution levels were not high. People had an intimate relationship with nature. So there was no noise pollution. Today, we are in scientific age. We depend on machine. Various types of sound arise around from these machines while using. When it exceeds its final level, it happen noise pollution. As a result, bad effects of sound pollution affects on us. Due to noise pollution, there may born a sick generation in future, Experts says. The next generation may born sick as a result of continuous noise pollution. A study on sound pollution shows that almost many critical diseases are caused by noise pollution. Those who play loud music, if they consider the inconvenience of others or a driver does not use his horn unnecessarily noise pollution may decrease. So, two things consciousness and law can solve the problem and our next generation may get a chance to live healthy.

Author is a Teacher and freelance writer,

Pabna, Bangladesh

Email- sopnil.roy@gmail.com

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