Greenhouse Effect: Threat to environment

Faria Zannat

Sunlight makes a great comfort zone for us in our world. It warms the world as its comfortable average. 59 degrees Fahrenheit is its comfortable average of temperature. It keeps our life on earth and also trees and other lives. Without sunlight everything of our world will be frozen. The daily works of our world will stop. We know that the greenhouse effect is natural temperature or warming on the world by some gasses. We also know that 30 percent of solar heat reaches our world and reflected. But 70 percent passes through the atmosphere. Then that percent is absorbed by land, rivers, oceans and atmosphere.

Greenhouse gasses make the world warm. There are some important gasses which are including as greenhouse gasses such as Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and so on. Those gasses have various kinds of chemical properties.

Now we can say, how does the greenhouse effect work?

Although it is known as the greenhouse, so we can say that it is such a house which is green. A greenhouse is a house or building with glass walls and glass roof. Normally greenhouses are used to grow plants or some sensitive flowers, vegetables.

Greenhouse is warm inside even in winter season. Those countries, where winter season is main those countries have greenhouses to grow various flowers and vegetables. In daytime, sunlight passes into the greenhouse and help to warm plants. In nighttime, it is colder outside but still greenhouse stay warm. The reason of being warm is the glass walls of the greenhouse trap the sun’s heat.

The greenhouse affects on the Earth much. Earth’s surface warms up in the sunlight. At night, earth’s surface become cool, but some heat stays in the atmosphere.

Just like greenhouse, our earth’s greenhouse is also full of plants. These plants help to balance the greenhouse effect. Ocean also help like ocean absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide but result is ocean’s water can be acidic.

Then the most important question is that which the main causes of greenhouse effect are. There are various types of causes. Firstly, fossil fuels are very much important for us. They are used in our daily many works like transportation, produce electricity. But burning of fossil fuels releases more carbon dioxide. Day by day, these fossil fuels are increasing and thus carbon dioxide is releasing much.

Secondly, we know plants and trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. But people cut trees for their own advantages. As a result carbon dioxide is increasing and earth’s temperature is getting high.

Normally there are many reasons of greenhouse effect and there are many effects of greenhouse effect like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, air pollution, and acidification of water. Normally greenhouse effect is increasing and carbon dioxide, methane released by the burning of fossil fuels, transport and other human activities. We know that ultra-violate rays are very harmful for our earth surface. Ozone layer protects the earth from these. But when the ozone layer decreases, harmful ultraviolet rays enter the earth’s surface which can cause many problems. Again an important effect of greenhouse effect is Climate Change. We are facing different types of natural disaster. These are the result of climate change and global warming.

Climate change and global warming are close to each other and they are connected to greenhouse effect. Climate change is such a long term process by which we can notice a huge change in climate. There are natural and human made causes behind the climate is changing. There are many effects of Climate change. Temperature is rising rapidly. We are facing more droughts and heatwaves. Sea level is rising from 1 to 8 feet. All of those are effects of climate change and Greenhouse gasses effect is responsible for all of these.

Human activity are also responsible for increasing greenhouse effect .CFC is the man made gas which is also known as greenhouse gas and it is also responsible for increasing greenhouse effect and climate change.

It is high time to reduce greenhouse effect because greenhouse effect is increasing rapidly which is increasing earth’s temperature. Thus sea level is rising day by day. We are facing many climatic problems like storms, earthquake, tsunami and various. If we work together to reduce this problem, we have to fight global warming.

First we have to plant more and more trees. Trees will supply oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and the quantity of carbon dioxide will decrease.  We have to recycle and reuse things. Avoid air travel as much as we can. We have to use renewable energy and also use energy saving things.

But at first, we all have to know enough about greenhouse effect and what should we do than we have to maintain those things which can help to reduce greenhouse effect. And we have to be careful about these important things because greenhouse effect is becoming a great threat for our earth.

Author is a Student of  Environmental Science and Engineering, 

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University

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