Deadly Air Pollution and Public Health 

Alok Acharja

Air is the most important element of the environment and this element is polluting day by day and the condition is getting more worsen. Air pollution is not only a headache for our country but also a major problem for various cities in India, Pakistan, and such crowded cities. We already have seen see the adverse effects of air pollution. New Delhi is one of the cities with the highest level of air pollution in the world.  However, according to Air Visual, Dhaka’s score on the Air Quality Index is very disappointing, which is very uncomfortable. It is seen that the level of air pollution in Dhaka has surpassed that of many other cities in the country.

The issue of reducing air pollution is already being discussed in the country. The pure air that we can fill our lungs today, no money is being spent but it may happen that we have to spend money to get fresh air in a certain place! The day will be mostly horrible. The Creator has given us trees to take in this fresh air.  Every day we fill our lungs with that free get air.  And we cut them and hit the axe on our own feet.  The situation in our country is going to that stage. Because we are still not rushing to a certain place to get fresh air. The day may not be far off when you have to wait in line for a little fresh air. Occupancy and pollution is a disaster in the capital today ‘.  Another problem is emerging when trying to solve one.  It can be said that Dhaka is now facing many problems.  Despite repeated attempts to solve these problems, none of them have been properly implemented and the problems have now taken a serious turn.

Making a list of these problems will be much longer. And the cryptic situation will start with which one will be solved first. These problems are virtually making this city ineffective.  People in this city are coming out of their houses every day with problems and returning home in the midst of problems. 

Every day thousands of people are heading to Dhaka in search of livelihood. Many of them are trying to settle down again.  Long ago, the population of Dhaka increased and became a megacity.  That population is increasing continuously.  Especially in cities where the population has exceeded the capacity and the city is unplanned like Dhaka.

The biggest problem with unplanned growth is that it can cut down a lot of our vital trees. The same has happened in the case of capital. Today there is a lifeless coating of concrete. There is a lack of open-air space.  Once the tree is cut down, it is no longer planted at the same time. As a result, the city is once only a rubbish heap of concrete.

Where there are no plants, there are no insects, no birds, so there is no life. The consequences of the city are increasingly lifeless. Dhaka must be saved from the consequences of being a lifeless city.  But how it can be possible? Plenty of green forests has to be done by removing concrete debris. The problem that is facing other polluted cities today is also waiting for us. The air that people living in Dhaka fill their lungs with every day contains various harmful toxic substances. 

One thing is clear, people are destroying nature for the sake of development, and in the end, they want to go back to that nature. If the development had been planned from the beginning then this result would not have been as today. This simple fact that we do not exist without the protection of nature, we first understood but did not want to understand.  If we want to save ourselves now, we have to protect the environment together. Even today there have been cutting down trees in the excuse of luxury and modernity. The activities of that unplanned urbanization have not stopped even today.  Every country is working to reduce air pollution in any country.  As a result, we do not have time to sit.  The smoke from the brick kiln is constantly mixing in the air and making it poisonous.

Needless to say, the level of air pollution in the capital is higher than in other cities in our country. The air in Dhaka contains excessive amounts of harmful substances which reach inside the body with inhalation and give rise to various diseases.  But the people of this city have to pull poisonous air out of their houses every day.

On the one hand, the number of trees in the city of brick and wood is declining drastically, on the other hand, the ever-increasing number of vehicle washes and the washing of nearby brick kilns are giving rise to these harmful substances in the air.

What will we do when the air in Dhaka becomes unfit for human beings? The reasons why poison has entered the air today must be prevented.  And of course, you have to plant a lot of trees. In that case, every roof of Dhaka can be chosen.  Even if a garden can be created on each roof as planned, some solution is possible. 

We have no choice but to come up with a proper plan for the survival of the capital and to make it fit for human habitation.  We can do anything to protect our future. When we destroy nature, we are destroying ourselves. There is a proverb that if I cut the branch on which I am sitting, it is inevitable that I will fall to the ground with that branch.  Destroying the source of oxygen by cutting down the plants that are giving us oxygen to breathe is also sure to destroy us.

Author is a Teacher and freelance writer


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